The Hotlo on the marketplace in Hengelo

The Hotlo back to Hengelo Netherlands

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The last and only  remaining STORK HOTLo ship’s diesel engine in operation still.

The foundation called SOS-HOTLO (Save Our Stork) has the intention to return this engine to  its birthplace in the dutch region of Twenthe.

By the middle of 2008 a group has initiated to recover this engine from the breakers, to return it to Twenthe and  install it in the city of Hengelo. In this city this engine was assembled in 1962.

The picture right below shows the engine in the engineroom of  sistership m.v. Goeree.

Please click the picture and notice the man at the maneuvering stand at the first mezzanine in order to figure the sheer size of the engine.

Motor of the ms.Goeree Triton (1962) with man at the stand

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